"What am I doing with my life?  Where is my future?"

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, we can help!


Life is a process, and developing your future is part of that process.  By introducing you to common sense decision making principles and basic fundamental life skills, Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. will help you manage your life and encourage you to take an active interest in the betterment of your future.  Our programs promote responsibility, positive life choices, and development of a strong work ethic - all things that will guide you to achieve your dreams.  


Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. utilizes a "walk the walk, talk the talk" approach, which intends to address specific issues and find favorable outcomes for them.  We want to help you put your dreams into action and believe that you CAN and WILL reach your full potential.  


Invest your time and effort as a part of our mentoring programs and we assure you that you will have a brighter future!  Our program is designed specifically for teens and young adults age 14+ to experience interactive workshops that cover a variety 

of topics like team building, leadership, financial management, and respect, among many others.  Students may choose between a small or large mentoring group to participate in.  Our small group mentoring program will be a 9-month committment and consist of 2-4 students meeting twice monthly for one hour.  Our larger group mentoring program will be a 10-week committment and include 6+ students.  While the subject matter will be the same for each group, schedules will differ for each group. We hope you will consider participating in our program as we are ready to help you prepare for the life you have dreamt of, and are committed to showing you that there is a bright future up ahead!


​Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc.'s mentoring program is truly one-of-a-kind!  The program has been meticulously pieced together to offer a well-rounded curriculum to prepare each of its students for the 'real world.'  As one of the many student incentives for this program, Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. has worked diligently with local businesses to agree to offer priority in the hiring process to all C2T Mentor Program graduates.  This falls closely in line to the financial management and workforce preperation topics within the program.  



Mentoring is a rewarding experience that allows two people to help each other.  Often times, we view mentoring as an adult teaching a younger person something.  At Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc., we see it as more than that!  Not only do our mentors teach, support, and guide their mentees, they form a bond together.  Our mentees have just as big an impact on their mentor.  


Teens and young adults that participate in our mentoring program merely want to be heard. They want to share their story and know that someone is listening and cares about them.  


Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. mentors are required to complete a thorough screen process including state clearances and background investigations prior to working with any mentee.  


If you are interested in becoming a Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. mentor, please review the Mentor Eligibility Requirements before submitting your application.  



Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. is always looking for friendly new faces to contribute to our successes! We need YOU!  Our organization cannot run smoothly without the talented people working 'behind the scenes.'  Please consider becoming a volunteer with Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc.... Together We Can Make a Difference. 


Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. is looking for volunteers in the following areas...






                               Mentoring Program




If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. directly at 724-431-6025 or submit an application.  







As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, it is our generous sponsors that have helped us fund the successful program that it is today!  All donations are tax deductible as allowed by federal law.  Sponsoring Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. will enable teens and young adults to participate in a free mentoring program designed to help them build a better future for themselves.  Your contribution will support our free interactive workshops, event spaces, and educational resources needed to teach the youth of the community.  


We graciously accept monetary donations via PayPal (no account required) , or personal check. 


Checks may be mailed to: 

Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. 

P.O. Box 1884

Butler, PA 16003-1884


Please also consider our Supply Wish List.  These items are used specifically for the workshops within the mentoring program curriculum.


Check out or list of current sponsors here


We Thank You for your Support & Generosity!