"Money Skills Your Teens Need" by Bonnie McCarthy of

"Secrets to Winning a College Scholarship" by Nicole Charky of

"Kids and Identity Theft" by "The Identity Man," John McCool. 

"Study Tips & Study Skills" from

"Highway to Success" from the National Character Education Foundation

Wells Fargo's Hands On Banking Program

The Hands on Banking® online learning center offers resources for anyone who wants to learn more about money management. Our financial articles can help you find answers to your questions, from budgeting tips to buying a home, to improving your credit. Our self-directed courses take you in depth to improve financial literacy at each stage of life. We also offer classroom resources for educators. Together, we’ll help you and your family take charge of your financial future.

The Internet moves at the speed of light. So does online misinformation and misuse. No one person can keep up with it all, but a Community can make a difference..


A source for books, CD's, DVD's and more from a variety of authors to help motivate teens and children in developing the skills and attitudes for success.


A source for books, CD's, DVD's and more from a variety of authors to help motivate teens and children in developing the skills and attitudes for success.


An award-winning dance fitness program that makes exercise less like gym class and more like a playground.  This program targets childhood obesity.  



Transitioning into adulthood can bring big changes and intense challenges. The Jed Foundation (JED) empowers teens and young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy, thriving adults.

A program dedicated to positively impacting the environment of a school, community, business, or home. 


Get tips, facts, toolkits, training materials, and more by entering a topic related to bullying in the keyword search below. This inventory includes federal and non-federal training materials, evidence-based program directories, articles, and other resources that you may find helpful in addressing the problem of bullying. Inclusion of non-federal resources in this directory does not imply any endorsement or promotion of the materials. Only non-federal materials that have beennominated and have been verified to meet criteria set out by are included. does not guarantee the accuracy of any non-federal resource listed.

A non-profit organization on a mission to change education for the better by providing a FREE world-class education to anyone...anywhere.


Made by the National Institude of Drug Abuse, this site supports studies of drug abuse and addiction in order to prevent people from using drugs and treating those who have drug problems.  




A  Chicora-based therapeutic horsemanship center aiming to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional status of riders by teaching basic horsemanship skills. 


A free resource that will direct you to agencies and/or programs that help people with disabilities in Pennsylvania who want to work and improve their financial security.




Programs and services designed for children so they might gain the freedom to be active, involved, and accepted. 

an organization that promotes, advocates, and is a resource for mentors and mentoring initiatives worldwide.



An partnership dedicated to maximizing the opportunity for children by delivering resources to mentoring programs throughout our region. 


May 10, 2014 : " Report Highlights Real Reasons Why Students Leave High School"



A guide to career information about hundreds of occupations.