“Better Me” (Ages 12 to 14)

To Develop and strengthen fundamental life skills mentor(s) lead open interactive discussions on dream boards, goal setting, motivation, respect, values, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills and bullying. Students receive “Better Me” kits (resources on respect, communication, skill sets on dealing with conflict and breaking down barriers, as well as coping skills items to deal with bullying, and apps that help with texting and social media conduct.) Parents and professional partners also receive the C2T “Bullying Resource Library.”


Projected Individual Participant Outcomes:

Improvement in school attendance, grades, communication and social skills as well as coping skills to deal with bullying. 


Expected Community Outcomes:

Increase in graduation rates, students with positive attitudes towards education and academic achievement, a decrease in school bullying and students with improved communication skills.

“Money Matters!” (Ages 15 to 18)

Develop and strengthen financial literacy and banking skills with featured sessions on personal budgeting, bank accounts, managing credit and securing one’s identity. Students receive “Money Matters” kits including calculators, resources on budgeting, glossary of financial terms, list of digital budgeting apps, and resources to help with budgeting and banking.


Projected Individual Participant Outcomes:

Managing banking accounts, developing personal budgeting skills, identifying risky behaviors, applying for credit, reading a credit statement, developing an understanding of how credit can harm your financial health, and securing their personal identity. 

Expected Community Outcomes:

Fewer individuals and families living pay check to pay check, less dependency on government financial support and individuals living a more financially secure lifestyle. 

“Worked Up!” (Ages 15 to 18)

Develop career readiness skills with featured interactive sessions on career assessments, work ethic development, becoming a valuable employee, and giving back to the community. Students receive “Career Readiness” kits including: financial support for an interview, or work clothes, personal hygiene items, C2T’s “Career Training Resource Library,” resources for practice interview questions, grooming tips, sample resumes and cover letters, notebook, interview clothing shopping list and list of local volunteer opportunities.


C2T has partnered with Friedmans Freshmarkets of Butler, McDonalds of Butler, Family Bowlaway of Butler and Butler Technologies to create the Worked Up! Program - a program that partners with select area merchants interested in hiring teens and young adults. 


Projected Individual Participant Outcomes: 

Surveying and selecting career interest, completing job applications, professional interview skills, improved abilities to work with co-workers and employers, volunteering and becoming more involved in their community.

“Foundations of Etiquette” (Ages 12 to 18)

Developing manners, respect, and etiquette skills. Students are encouraged to arrive appropriately dressed while they receive etiquette instructions and enjoy a gourmet meal. Students are engaged in open discussion during the event and practice their newly learned skills. Participants receive Etiquette Kits (personal hygiene items, thank you cards, resources on general etiquette practices including pictorial directories on table settings, manners for

attending a served meal versus a buffet, and cell phone manners.) This will help students’ in

social settings and interviews.

“Youth Leadership Initiative” (Ages 12 to 18)

Collaborative program with Butler County 4H, StandTall, JusticeYouth WorksCare and Adagio Health provides three leadership events yearly. Topics include: Building Success; Drug Prevention: People, Places and Choices; Building Positive Relationships, Communication Skills and Career Exploration, Cooking and Budgeting and Setting Goals. Events include a presentation, peer-led workshops, and team building skills.

“Study Skills Academy” (Ages 12 to 18)

A small group program to provide students the skills necessary to become academically successful. It is a 10 week program for Middle and High School Students. Topics include: note taking, time management, organization, remembering information, at-home study habits, using reference resources, building vocabulary, solving math problems and test taking strategies.