About Us

Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. is a Butler County based nonprofit organization offering free in and after school mentoring programs to teens and young adults. Our programs offer fundamental life and leadership skills to participants who then receive the benefits and opportunities of job shadowing and applying for employment with C2T business partners.

We understand that today's youth are facing social and economic barriers beyond their control that has led them to believe there is no need to succeed - no hope - no chance for a brighter future!  Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc. utilizes a "walk the walk, and talk the talk" approach within our mentoring programs to reinforce positive life choices, respect, and motivation to reach their full potential.

Completion of the C2T curriculum will ensure each mentee is prepared to enter the workforce or higher education and become a respectful member of our community.

You can support in many ways: volunteer as a mentor, refer a child, spread the word about C2T and make a donation. Together WE can make a difference!


About the Programs

Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc.'s mentoring program

includes a wide variety of topics within their

curriculum.  Among them are:


Financial Management & Responsibility


Team Building & Leadership


Conflict Identification & Resolution


Respect, Loyalty, & Integrity


College & Workforce Preparation


Assist teens and young adults to obtain basic skills to become productive, responsible and successful members of society.

To empower teens and young adults through a mentoring program with interactive workshops to promote positivity and responsibility.  


Participating in C2T's programs has allowed for improved school attendance and increased classroom performance amongst its students, as well as  obtaining a General Education Development (GED) certificate for those who did not graduate high school, establishing measurable and attainable short and long-range career goals, networking within the community, demonstrating financial independence and responsibility, and workforce preparation.  Students of C2T programs have shown marked improvement in and out of the classroom!  It is vital that teens and young adults are offered the resources necessary to begin building a better life for themselves.  


Interested in participating in Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc.'s mentoring program? Click here.