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Through the generosity of people like you, our work has made a difference in the lives of local youth.  Your donation allows C2T to provide its mentoring program at no cost to participating area teens and young adults throughout Western Pennsylvania.

More specifically your contribution to the Campaign will help finance or provide:

  • C2T’s annual etiquette meal where manners and adult interaction are introduced,
    reinforced, and encouraged;

  • Career Action Kits that are presented to students upon completion of the program;

  • Speakers who provide career information that allow students to explore their

  • Interview clothes for those with financial challenges;

  • Budgeting kits and resources; and

  • Mentor supplies for the youth in our program.


Additionally your donation helps teens develop goals for their future, identify roadblocks, create plans, become employable, and pursue post-secondary education and training. Our program assists them in creating these goals, and becoming responsible community members.

C2T is fully staffed by dedicated community volunteers who encourage area youth to achieve their personal dreams. Our volunteers mentor teenagers and persuade them to be prepared, responsible, employable, and valued citizens in our community. Your contribution not only helps make these goals a reality, but you are also helping them to realize their dreams.


      C2T Offers...

                Real Life Success!






Alex encountered a lot of challenges early in life. His family was met with heavy financial burdens. Dad wasn’t in the picture, and Mom struggled with health issues as well as raising the children and putting food on the table.

When Alex entered high school his grades started to nosedive. He began to hang out with kids who changed his already precarious self-confidence, and not for the better. He gave up, lost interest, and didn’t care about anything anymore. He made some really bad choices that got him expelled. He was mandated to alternative school and ultimately into the hands of C2T mentoring.

His C2T mentor built a positive relationship with Alex, eventually showing him that his mistakes did not have to define him or his future. Together they set some attainable goals for Alex and the necessary steps to reach those goals.

His grades went up to the A/B level, he sought out friends who were a positive influence, and through our Worked Up! Program, he secured a part-time job.


In six months’ time, his attitude towards school in general did a complete turnaround, and he mainstreamed back into the traditional school setting.

He told his mentor that he’s very proud of his newly learned interviewing skills. Alex was hired DURING his very first interview! His employer said he’d never had a teenager who was so well prepared for an interview!

Fast forward three years, and Alex has graduated high school, is living independently, and is still employed by that first employer who has promoted Alex several times because of his excellent work ethics.

That’s just one of our success stories. We strive to make real connections with our teens and build real relationships that will take them into the future of their dreams. This is how your donations make a difference, not only in one life, but in our community as well.

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Thank you for you for making a difference in the community!

Thank you for you for making a difference our community!