Michael J. Liebler

Founder & Executive Director of

Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc.

Michael J. Liebler began working in the behavioral health field in 1987, providing Butler area youth, families, and adults with case management, counseling, and educational support.  His resume also includes more than 20 years directing church youth groups and being involved in other activities within the community that sparked his curiosity about areas of need within his hometown of Butler, PA.  He noticed, specifically, that youth were giving up on themselves.  Some lacked the skills and direction in life to become successful and responsible citizens, while others became involved in drugs, alcohol, experienced homelessness, or got caught up within the juvenile justice system.  Liebler believes that these risks not only affect the youth, but also their families as well as the community.  


In an attempt to address these issues, Liebler developed Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc.  Through workshops and a mentoring system, Connecting2Tomorrow, Inc.  now assists these troubled youth in developing the skills necessary to make positive choices and build a brighter future.  Liebler has joined forces with a number of dedicated volunteers, a committed board of directors, and countless sponsors to contribute to the organization's goal of helping these youth and ultimately making the Butler community stronger!



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Michael J. Liebler
Founder & Executive Director


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